The Diode Laser Pump Module PM300 combines cutting-edge diode technology with brightness-optimized stacking and homogenization as well as a modular design for advanced adaptability and customization. It is able to deliver a maximum output peak power of 300 kW onto the target. The PM300 with its highly efficient beam shaping and homogenization system offers a high brightness in a smooth beam profile for all operations.

The beam profile can be chosen to rectangular or hexagonal, round profiles can also be realized with minor losses. Since the output is linearly polarized, two PM300 can be polarization-coupled in order to increase the overall brightness. The PM300 can also be part of an integrated system consisting of several Pump Modules and laser diode drivers.

The pump module facilitates the monitoring of important operating parameters like water flow, temperature, humidity and forward voltage. A LAN interface is built in for the data exchange with the pump infrastructure. A suitable control software solution based on Labview can be provided.

The PM300 is mainly used for pumping solid state laser amplifiers. It is especially suited for the final  amplifier stages of Petawatt class DPSSL, where pump modules are usually combined to deliver [0.4 ... 4] MW peak power at the target with a repetition rate of 10 Hz. Other possible applications are IR illumination or material processing.

Depending on the pulse length the PM 300 delivers a pulse energy of up to 1.2 kJ (4.0 ms). Other possible applications are bright IR illumination, material processing or laser cleaning. LASTRONICS also offers all necessary devices such as Laser Diode Drivers, Interlocks, computer controlled user interfaces and all safety installations.


Technical data - Diode Laser Pump Module PM300

Peak power: max. 300 kW [360 kW from stacks]
Number of built-in 8-bar stacks [40 ... 100]
Typical/max. operating current: 800 A / 1.200 A
Maximum duty cycle: [0 ... 10] %
Wavelength: 794 nm, 808 nm, 885 nm, 940-980 nm
Spectral width: Depending on stack type
Beam shape: rectangular, hexagonal, circular (fiber coupled)
Typical spot size:

30 x 30 mm² homogenized profile (fully equipped)

Polarisation: Linear polarized output
Cooling: Tap water cooled
Communication interface: LAN
Device monitoring: Water flow, temperature, humidity, forward voltage
Pulse width: (0.2 - 4.0) ms
Warranty: 2 years / 1 Gshots
IP-class: IP-40
Optional features:

Wavelength stabilization via bias current, cooling temperature or VBG
Narrow bandwidth (VBG)
Beam delivery for combining multiple modules
Custom beam size and shape
Other wavelengths (on demand)
Filter for laser radiation